31/08/13 Nature reclaims "Cut 1" land art on Gladstone Park Meadow.

The artist regrets that she was only able to maintain this piece of land art for three years. "Cut 1"was a 27m x 37m cut grass relief installation created and maintained with a domestic lawn mower on Gladstone Park Meadow in October 2010. This work followed on from the Artist's first solo show at The Stables Gallery entitled Branch Outing. It was Inspired by the idea that the trees of Gladstone Park had always wanted their own exhibition. The very trees themselves were saddened by the loss of The Stables Art Gallery and by the loss of Dollis Hill House, both lost to the community as a result of Brent Council cuts. The image carved into the grass represented a view of a tree silhouettte as seen through a window frame of Dollis Hill House (now demolished.) Of course it could only be seen to full advantage from the air or from the top of a tree. Numerous efforts to take aerial photographs using helium balloons were attempted. Unfortunately it was not possible to charter a helicopter or a small plane since the park is in the Heathrow no fly zone. The last cut was in March 2013 and the land art grew out and disappeared during the Summer of 2013. "Cut 1" was reclaimed by nature. See Gladstone Park Meadow....more