06/03/17 The Anthropocene installation at The Affordable Art Fair Battersea March 2017

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Installing the Anthropocene - rigging day
Hiding away at the back of the fair is a 3 x 6m raised platform displaying the Anthropocene Installation together with 21 of the floating worlds of the original Unfixed World series of embroideries. The Unfixed World series began early in 2015 and the artist will continue to make more as time permits.

The Anthropocene is the era in which man’s activities are considered to be changing the nature of geology. The installation subverts different map conventions, reflecting both serious and satirical geo-political themes, it questions how we perceive and manipulate our planet.

The focal piece is the Polar Azimuthal Equidistant Projection, which is used for calculating flight paths and for seismic and radio work. It’s also the basis of the logo for the United Nations Flag and most ironically of all, it’s the contemporary “Flat Earth Society Map!” The Anthropocene radiates light and is suspended floating precariously above the void.....more